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  1. Although universal free healthcare is available for all Sri Lankan citizens, older adults face somewhat unique obstacles when utilizing available healthcare services. The aim of this study was to examine some ...

    Authors: Bimba I. Wickramarachchi, Sidiah J. Siop and Bilesha Perera
    Citation: BMC Geriatrics 2022 22:571
  2. Little is known about resilience in an internal medicine setting. We aimed to assess the relationship between resilience and frailty and other clinical and sociodemographic characteristics in a cohort of prosp...

    Authors: Marco Vincenzo Lenti, Alice Silvia Brera, Alessia Ballesio, Gabriele Croce, Lucia Padovini, Giampiera Bertolino, Antonio Di Sabatino, Catherine Klersy and Gino Roberto Corazza
    Citation: BMC Geriatrics 2022 22:569
  3. To investigate the relationship between diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) indicators and cerebral small vessel disease (CSVD) with depressive states, and to explore the underlying mechanisms of white matter damag...

    Authors: Yumeng Gu, Ping Zhao, Wenjun Feng, Xiaoshuang Xia, Xiaolin Tian, Yu Yan, Xiaowen Wang, Decheng Gao, Yanfen Du and Xin Li
    Citation: BMC Geriatrics 2022 22:568
  4. Person-Centered-Care (PCC) requires knowledge about patient preferences. Among People-living-with-Dementia (PlwD) data on quantitative, choice-based preferences, which would allow to quantify, weigh and rank pati...

    Authors: Wiebke Mohr, Anika Rädke, Bernhard Michalowsky and Wolfgang Hoffmann
    Citation: BMC Geriatrics 2022 22:567
  5. Among adult kidney transplant (KT) candidates, 21% are frail and 55% have cognitive impairment, increasing the risk of pre- and post-KT mortality. Centers often assess frailty status and cognitive function dur...

    Authors: Prakriti Shrestha, Sarah E. Van Pilsum Rasmussen, Elizabeth A. King, Elisa J. Gordon, Ruth R. Faden, Dorry L. Segev, Casey Jo Humbyrd and Mara McAdams-DeMarco
    Citation: BMC Geriatrics 2022 22:566
  6. Older patients at risk of functional decline are frequently affected by polypharmacy. This is associated with a further loss of independence. However, a relationship between functional disability and medicatio...

    Authors: Claudia Salm, Julia Sauer, Nadine Binder, Aline Pfefferle, Mario Sofroniou, Gloria Metzner, Erik Farin-Glattacker, Sebastian Voigt-Radloff and Andy Maun
    Citation: BMC Geriatrics 2022 22:564
  7. Antibiotic-associated diarrhea (AAD) is diarrhea associated with consuming antibiotics that cannot be explained by other causes. AAD prolongs admission time and increases mortality and financial costs. Elderly...

    Authors: Liying Zhang, Xiaofeng Zeng, Daxin Guo, Yupei Zou, Huatian Gan and Xiaoli Huang
    Citation: BMC Geriatrics 2022 22:562
  8. Development has promoted longer and healthier lives, but the rise in the proportion of older adults poses new challenges to health systems. Susceptibilities of older persons resulting from lower knowledge abou...

    Authors: Adriana Taveira, Ana Paula Macedo, Nazaré Rego and José Crispim
    Citation: BMC Geriatrics 2022 22:561
  9. As patients age, the frailty of those with multimorbidity increases, often resulting in adverse health outcomes. The current study investigated the frailty status and the factors which influence it in elderly ...

    Authors: Jing Lv, Rao Li, Li Yuan, Xiao-ling Yang, Yi Wang, Zi-Wei Ye and Feng-Mei Huang
    Citation: BMC Geriatrics 2022 22:560
  10. General Practitioners (GPs) are central in the care of Dutch older people and in a good position to have Advance Care Planning (ACP) conversations. Interview studies reveal that the doctor-patient relationship...

    Authors: Annicka G. M. van der Plas, Julia E. A. P. Schellekens, Jolien J. Glaudemans and Bregje D. Onwuteaka-Philipsen
    Citation: BMC Geriatrics 2022 22:558
  11. The purpose of this study was to clarify the prevalence, association with frailty and exercise capacity, and prognostic implication of sarcopenic obesity in patients with heart failure.

    Authors: Hiroshi Saito, Yuya Matsue, Kentaro Kamiya, Nobuyuki Kagiyama, Daichi Maeda, Yoshiko Endo, Hidenao Ueno, Kenji Yoshioka, Akira Mizukami, Kazuya Saito, Yuki Ogasahara, Emi Maekawa, Masaaki Konishi, Takeshi Kitai, Kentaro Iwata, Kentaro Jujo…
    Citation: BMC Geriatrics 2022 22:556
  12. Compared with conventional hospitalization, admission to an acute geriatric care unit (AGU) is associated with better outcomes in elderly patients. In 2012, 50% of the hospitalizations of elderly patients were...

    Authors: D. Naouri, N. Pelletier-Fleury, N. Lapidus and Y. Yordanov
    Citation: BMC Geriatrics 2022 22:555
  13. An increasing older population, along with the organizational principle of remaining at home, has moved health care from institutions into the older person’s home, where several health care providers facilitat...

    Authors: Lina Hovlin, Jenny Hallgren, Anna K. Dahl Aslan and Catharina Gillsjö
    Citation: BMC Geriatrics 2022 22:554
  14. Social participation (SP) may be an effective measure for decreasing frailty risks. This study investigated whether frequency and type of SP is associated with decreased frailty risk among Chinese middle-aged ...

    Authors: Ju Sun, Xuying Kong, Haomiao Li, Jiangyun Chen, Qiang Yao, Hanxuan Li, Feng Zhou and Hua Hu
    Citation: BMC Geriatrics 2022 22:553
  15. Infection is more frequent, and serious in people aged > 65 as they experience non-specific signs and symptoms delaying diagnosis and prompt treatment. Monitoring signs and symptoms using decision support tool...

    Authors: Olga Masot, Anna Cox, Freda Mold, Märtha Sund-Levander, Pia Tingström, Geertien Christelle Boersema, Teresa Botigué, Julie Daltrey, Karen Hughes, Christopher B. Mayhorn, Amy Montgomery, Judy Mullan and Nicola Carey
    Citation: BMC Geriatrics 2022 22:552
  16. Family carers of persons living with dementia who are residing in long term care (LTC), often experience significant changes in their roles and relationships which affects mental and physical health. Research ...

    Authors: Wendy Duggleby, Hannah M. O’Rourke, Pamela Baxter, Cheryl Nekolaichuk, Genevieve Thompson, Shelley Peacock, Sunita Ghosh, Jayna Holroyd-Leduc, Carrie McAiney, Véronique Dubé, Jennifer Swindle, Madeleine Pagnucco-Renaud and Samina Sana
    Citation: BMC Geriatrics 2022 22:551
  17. Previous studies have demonstrated the associations between loneliness and frailty in late life. However, there is a lack of consensus on the direction of the relationship. The present study aimed to examine t...

    Authors: Sha Sha, Yao Pan, Yuebin Xu and Lin Chen
    Citation: BMC Geriatrics 2022 22:537
  18. Primary adhesive capsulitis (AC) is not well understood, and controversy remains about the most effective treatment approaches. Even less is known about the treatment of AC in the Medicare population. We aimed...

    Authors: Sarah B. Floyd, Sara M. Sarasua, Stephan G. Pill, Ellen Shanley and John M. Brooks
    Citation: BMC Geriatrics 2022 22:548
  19. Hip and pelvic fractures do commonly occur among older adults. This pilot study aimed to evaluate the effect of introduction of the WOLK hip airbag on the incidence of hip fractures.

    Authors: Banne Nemeth, Marleen van der Kaaij, Rob Nelissen, Jan-Kees van Wijnen, Katja Drost and Gerard Jan Blauw
    Citation: BMC Geriatrics 2022 22:547

    The Correction to this article has been published in BMC Geriatrics 2022 22:624

  20. Old age is one of the most important risk factors for severe COVID-19. Few studies have analyzed changes in the clinical characteristics and prognosis of COVID-19 among older adults before the availability of ...

    Authors: Jose-Manuel Ramos-Rincon, Lidia Cobos-Palacios, Almudena López-Sampalo, Michele Ricci, Manel Rubio-Rivas, Maria-Victoria Nuñez-Rodriguez, Rodrigo Miranda-Godoy, Maria-Eugenia García-Leoni, Rosa Fernández-Madera-Martínez, Gema-María García-García, Jose-Luis Beato-Perez, Daniel Monge-Monge, Uxua Asín-Samper, Marta Bustamante-Vega, Isabel Rábago-Lorite, Santiago-Jesús Freire-Castro…
    Citation: BMC Geriatrics 2022 22:546
  21. This study aimed to investigate the durability of the effects of corrective exercises on the postural alignment and stability of hyperkyphotic elderly with a history of falls. Balance disturbance and recurrent...

    Authors: Parisa Sedaghati, Somayeh Ahmadabadi and Maryam Goudarzian
    Citation: BMC Geriatrics 2022 22:545
  22. The increased risk of adverse drug reactions due to age-related altered pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics is a challenge when prescribing medications to older people, and especially among older people with...

    Authors: Iris Rangfast, Eva Sönnerstam and Maria Gustafsson
    Citation: BMC Geriatrics 2022 22:544
  23. Pelvic ring fractures in the elderly are often caused by minor trauma. Treatment of these patients is currently based on fracture classification, clinical course, and ability to mobilize. Our aim was to identi...

    Authors: Michaela Ramser, Dieter Cadosch, Werner Vach, Nathalie Strub, Franziska Saxer and Henrik Eckardt
    Citation: BMC Geriatrics 2022 22:543
  24. Aging is one of the most important prognostic factors increasing the risk of clinical severity and mortality of COVID-19 infection. However, among patients over 75 years, little is known about post-acute funct...

    Authors: Simon Prampart, Sylvain Le Gentil, Marie Laure Bureau, Claire Macchi, Caroline Leroux, Guillaume Chapelet, Laure de Decker, Agnes Rouaud and Anne Sophie Boureau
    Citation: BMC Geriatrics 2022 22:542
  25. In Korea, nurse aides (NAs) are legally permitted as substitutes for registered nurses (RNs) in long-term care (LTC) facilities, even though they have very different levels of education and qualification stand...

    Authors: Youran Lee and Eunhee Cho
    Citation: BMC Geriatrics 2022 22:541

    The Correction to this article has been published in BMC Geriatrics 2022 22:600

  26. Against the background of an aging population, older adults living alone in cities are increasingly dependent. However, their use of home and community-based services in China is unsatisfactory. This study att...

    Authors: Qianqian Du, Ni Gong, Qin Hu, Guicheng Chen, Jingyue Xie, Lan Luo, Yu Cheng and Meifen Zhang
    Citation: BMC Geriatrics 2022 22:540
  27. Physical activity and a healthy diet are important in helping to maintain mobility with aging. This umbrella review aims to identify group-based physical activity and/or nutrition interventions for community-d...

    Authors: Sarah E. Neil-Sztramko, Kylie Teggart, Caroline Moore, Diana Sherifali, Donna Fitzpatrick-Lewis, Giulia Coletta, Stuart M. Phillips, K. Bruce Newbold, Elizabeth Alvarez, Ayse Kuspinar, Courtney C. Kennedy, Pasqualina L. Santaguida and Rebecca Ganann
    Citation: BMC Geriatrics 2022 22:539
  28. There is a lack of of cross-sectional research that has investigated muscle morphology, function, and functional capability in all age-bands of healthy adults. The primary aim of this study was to evaluate age...

    Authors: Isobel Jacob, Mark I. Johnson, Gareth Jones, Ashley Jones and Peter Francis
    Citation: BMC Geriatrics 2022 22:538
  29. Caloric supplements are increasingly used by older people, aiming to increase their daily protein intake. These high caloric drinks, rich in glucose and whey-protein in particular, may result in potential harm...

    Authors: Avneet Oberoi, Caroline Giezenaar, Kylie Lange, Karen L. Jones, Michael Horowitz, Ian Chapman and Stijn Soenen
    Citation: BMC Geriatrics 2022 22:535
  30. The aim of this study was to investigate the associations of osteosarcopenic obesity (OSO) and its components with complete blood cell count-derived inflammation indices.

    Authors: Yi-zhen Nie, Zhao-qi Yan, Hui Yin, Ling-han Shan, Jia-hui Wang and Qun-hong Wu
    Citation: BMC Geriatrics 2022 22:532
  31. Sarcopenia is associated with adverse outcomes in older people. Several tools are recommended to assess muscle mass, muscle strength and physical performance, but are not always available in daily practice.

    Authors: Sara Salini, Andrea Russo, Riccardo Calvani, Marcello Covino, Anna Maria Martone, Matteo Tosato, Francesco Paolo Damiano, Anna Picca, Emanuele Marzetti and Francesco Landi
    Citation: BMC Geriatrics 2022 22:530
  32. Reduced cardiorespiratory fitness (CRF) is an independent risk factor for dependency, cognitive impairment and premature mortality. High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is a proven time-efficient stimulus f...

    Authors: Tanvir S Sian, Thomas B Inns, Amanda Gates, Brett Doleman, Joseph J Bass, Philip J Atherton, Jonathan N Lund and Bethan E Phillips
    Citation: BMC Geriatrics 2022 22:529
  33. Klotho is a hormone that emerges as an antiaging biomarker. However, the influence of the dietary pattern’s inflammatory potential on serum Klotho levels in human populations, especially in a general adult pop...

    Authors: Chichen Zhang, Zilong Zhang, Jiakun Li, Linghui Deng, Jiwen Geng, Kun Jin, Xiaonan Zheng, Shi Qiu and BiRong Dong
    Citation: BMC Geriatrics 2022 22:528
  34. Frailty in older people is associated with increased risk of falls, longer length of stay in hospital, increased risk of institutionalisation and death. Frailty can be measured using validated tools. Multi-com...

    Authors: Heather Block, Alexandra Annesley, Keri Lockwood, Linda Xu, Ian D. Cameron, Kate Laver, Maria Crotty, Catherine Sherrington, Annette Kifley, Kirsten Howard, Dimity Pond, Tuan A. Nguyen and Susan E. Kurrle
    Citation: BMC Geriatrics 2022 22:527
  35. Home adaptation can be a key contributor to successfully aging at home, allowing older adults to remain in a familiar environment while maintaining their quality of life and well-being despite progressing func...

    Authors: Chloé Schorderet, Catherine Ludwig, Frederic Wüest, Caroline H. G. Bastiaenen, Robert A. de Bie and Lara Allet
    Citation: BMC Geriatrics 2022 22:526
  36. Mobile X-ray services (MXS) could be used to investigate clinical issues in aged care residents within familiar surroundings, reducing transfers to and from emergency departments and enabling healthcare to be ...

    Authors: Joanne Dollard, Jane Edwards, Lalit Yadav, Virginie Gaget, David Tivey, Maria Inacio, Guy Maddern and Renuka Visvanathan
    Citation: BMC Geriatrics 2022 22:525
  37. There is no study on the frailty trajectory including both middle-aged and older people, and the understanding of the long-term frailty trajectory is insufficient. This study aimed to identify the frailty traj...

    Authors: Ah Ram Jang, Hae Sagong and Ju Young Yoon
    Citation: BMC Geriatrics 2022 22:524
  38. With the more advanced science in the field of medicine and disease management, the population of geriatric intensive care patients is increasing. The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted healthcare management aroun...

    Authors: Nancy Margarita Rehatta, Susilo Chandra, Djayanti Sari, Mayang Indah Lestari, Tjokorda Gde Agung Senapathi, Haizah Nurdin, Belindo Wirabuana, Bintang Pramodana, Adinda Putra Pradhana, Isngadi Isngadi, Novita Anggraeni, Kenanga Marwan Sikumbang, Radian Ahmad Halimi, Zafrullah Khany Jasa, Akhyar Hamonangan Nasution, Mochamat Mochamat…
    Citation: BMC Geriatrics 2022 22:523
  39. Very few older adults meet current muscle strengthening exercise guidelines, and several barriers exist to supervised, community-based resistance exercise programs. Older adults therefore require access to fea...

    Authors: Jackson J. Fyfe, Jack Dalla Via, Paul Jansons, David Scott and Robin M. Daly
    Citation: BMC Geriatrics 2022 22:521

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