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  1. Somatosensory deficits and abnormal pain sensitivity are highly prevalent among stroke survivors, which negatively impacts their quality of life and recovery process. However, the factors for pressure pain thr...

    Authors: Yong-Hui Zhang, Hao-Ran Xu, Yu-Chen Wang, Gong-Wei Hu, Xiao-Qin Ding, Xiao-Hua Shen, Hui Yang, Ji-Feng Rong and Xue-Qiang Wang
    Citation: BMC Geriatrics 2022 22:830
  2. Among older adults, postoperative urinary tract infection is associated with significant harms including increased risk of hospital readmission and perioperative mortality. While risk of urinary tract infectio...

    Authors: Susan A. Tuddenham, Susan L. Gearhart, E. James Wright III and Victoria L. Handa
    Citation: BMC Geriatrics 2022 22:828
  3. The World Health Organization (WHO) encourages healthy ageing strategies to help develop and maintain older people’s functional abilities in five domains: their ability to meet basic needs; learn, grow, and ma...

    Authors: Ivy Yan Zhao, Jed Montayre, Angela Y. M. Leung, Jann Foster, Ariana Kong, Stephen Neville, Ramona Ludolph, Christopher Mikton, Alana Officer and Alex Molassiotis
    Citation: BMC Geriatrics 2022 22:827
  4. Kidney transplantation is the definitive treatment for end stage renal disease (ESRD), offering improved quality of life and survival benefit over remaining on dialysis. There is, however, a prevailing signifi...

    Authors: Okechukwu Okidi, Videha Sharma, Oana Piscoran, Fiona Biggins, Rajinder Singh and Titus Augustine
    Citation: BMC Geriatrics 2022 22:826
  5. Few studies have explored the Central Nervous System (CNS) infection illness trajectory among older persons with dementia in sub-Saharan African (SSA) settings. This study explored the Caregiver’s perspectives...

    Authors: Deo Benyumiza, Edward Kumakech, Jastine Gutu, Jude Banihani, Joshua Mandap, Zohray M. Talib, Edith K. Wakida, Samuel Maling and Celestino Obua
    Citation: BMC Geriatrics 2022 22:825
  6. Benzodiazepines (BZD) are widely prescribed to older adults despite their association with increased fall injury. Our aim is to better characterize risk-elevating factors among those prescribed BZD.

    Authors: Donovan T. Maust, Amy S. B. Bohnert, Julie Strominger, Neil Alexander, Lillian Min, Geoffrey J. Hoffman and Jason E. Goldstick
    Citation: BMC Geriatrics 2022 22:824
  7. Previous studies have inconsistent associations between changes in sleep duration and cognitive function and have not separated interindividual effects from intraindividual effects. This study aimed to examine...

    Authors: Chao Li, Xianying Min, Gang Cheng, Yan Yan and Zexuan Li
    Citation: BMC Geriatrics 2022 22:823
  8. Where it has been determined that a resident in a nursing home living with dementia loses decisional capacity, nursing home staff must deliver care that is in the person's best interests. Ideally, decisions sh...

    Authors: Andrew J E Harding, Julie Doherty, Laura Bavelaar, Catherine Walshe, Nancy Preston, Sharon Kaasalainen, Tamara Sussman, Jenny T van der Steen, Nicola Cornally, Irene Hartigan, Martin Loucka, Karolina Vlckova, Paola Di Giulio, Silvia Gonella and Kevin Brazil
    Citation: BMC Geriatrics 2022 22:822
  9. Population-based studies on physical performance provide important information on older people’s health but rarely include the oldest and least-healthy segment of the population. The aim of this study was to p...

    Authors: Kjerstin N. Melsæter, Gro G. Tangen, Håvard K. Skjellegrind, Beatrix Vereijken, Bjørn H. Strand and Pernille Thingstad
    Citation: BMC Geriatrics 2022 22:821
  10. Tooth loss has been reportedly associated with shorter disability-free life expectancy (DFLE). However, no study has explored whether oral self-care offsets reduction in DFLE. The present study aimed to assess...

    Authors: Maya Yamato, Sanae Matsuyama, Yoshitaka Murakami, Jun Aida, Yukai Lu, Yumi Sugawara and Ichiro Tsuji
    Citation: BMC Geriatrics 2022 22:820
  11. A limited amount of research has examined how nature-based palliative rehabilitation can be implemented in nursing homes for people with dementia, even though evidence suggests that these gardens are underused...

    Authors: Tanja Schmidt, Marie Christoffersen Gramkow, Dorthe Varning Poulsen, Louise Holm Miller, Lene Wermuth and Ulrika K. Stigsdotter
    Citation: BMC Geriatrics 2022 22:819
  12. This paper presents the protocol of the 4th round of Iranian Multi-center Osteoporosis Study (IMOS), a national survey with the primary objective of estimating the prevalence of osteoporosis and sarcopenia and th...

    Authors: Kazem Khalagi, Noushin Fahimfar, Fatemeh Hajivalizadeh, Mahnaz Sanjari, Mohammad Javad Mansourzadeh, Safoora Gharibzadeh, Gita Shafiee, Koorosh Kamali, Farshid Alaeddini, Farshad Farzadfar, Samaneh Mohseni, Nazli Namazi, Farideh Razi, Kobra Gorgani, Katayoun Kateb Saber, Nekoo Panahi…
    Citation: BMC Geriatrics 2022 22:818
  13. Ketosis has been exploited for its neuroprotective impact and treatment of neurological conditions via ketone production. Exogenous medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) supplementation may induce nutritional ketosi...

    Authors: Panagiotis Giannos, Konstantinos Prokopidis, Irene Lidoriki, Konstantinos K. Triantafyllidis, Konstantinos S. Kechagias, Kamil Celoch, Darren G. Candow, Sergej M. Ostojic and Scott C. Forbes
    Citation: BMC Geriatrics 2022 22:817
  14. Functional independence limitations restrict older adult self-sufficiency and can reduce quality of life. This systematic review and cost of impairment study examined the costs of functional independence limit...

    Authors: Ryan S. Falck, Alexis G. Percival, Daria Tai and Jennifer C. Davis
    Citation: BMC Geriatrics 2022 22:815
  15. The effects of physical fitness and age on motor function in older adults who continue to exercise remain unclear. This study aimed to examine the effects of participation in self-management exercise groups in...

    Authors: Mieko Yokozuka, Kanako Okazaki, Masayuki Hoshi, Ayumi Shiine and Tomoko Fukumoto
    Citation: BMC Geriatrics 2022 22:814
  16. Exercises are an effective treatment in Parkinson’s disease (PD), but there is still controversy over which types should be used. We aimed to compare and rank the types of exercise that improve PD symptoms by ...

    Authors: Yong Yang, Guotuan Wang, Shikun Zhang, Huan Wang, Wensheng Zhou, Feifei Ren, Huimin Liang, Dongdong Wu, Xinying Ji, Makoto Hashimoto and Jianshe Wei
    Citation: BMC Geriatrics 2022 22:813
  17. Palliative care aims to contribute to pain relief, improvement with regard to symptoms and enhancement of health-related quality of life (HRQoL) of patients with chronic conditions. Most of the palliative care...

    Authors: Junwen Yang-Huang, Ascensión Doñate-Martínez, Jorge Garcés, Maria Soledad Gimenez Campos, Raquel Valcarcel Romero, Maria-Eugenia Gas López, Adriano Fernandes, Mariana Camacho, Ana Gama, Sofia Reppou, Panagiotis D. Bamidis, Gordon Linklater, Frances Hines, Jude Eze and Hein Raat
    Citation: BMC Geriatrics 2022 22:812
  18. In view of the fact that there is no effective treatment for dementia, the number of years that dementia patients have to live with dementia will gradually increase for the rest of their lives, and the disabil...

    Authors: Yuhang Wu, Huilie Zheng, Fenfei Xu, Jin Guo, Zhitao Liu, Shengwei Wang, Xiaoyun Chen, Yu Cao, Wei Zou and Songbo Hu
    Citation: BMC Geriatrics 2022 22:811
  19. In Finland, the ‘day activity service’ is targeted at older home care clients who are unable to participate in other available activities due to poor health or functional disabilities. The aim of the day activ...

    Authors: Hanna Ristolainen, Leena Forma, Jemma Hawkins and Elisa Tiilikainen
    Citation: BMC Geriatrics 2022 22:810
  20. Osteoarthritis (OA) is common in aged adults and can result in muscle weakness and function limitations in lower limbs. Knee OA affects the quality of life in the elderly. Technology-supported feedback to achi...

    Authors: Pei-Ling Lin, Lee-Fen Yu, Shu-Fen Kuo, Xin-Miao Wang, Liang-Hsuan Lu and Chueh-Ho Lin
    Citation: BMC Geriatrics 2022 22:809
  21. Unmet community mobility needs of older adults, published since the announcement of the UN sustainable development goals was synthesised to describe the health equity characteristics of research identifying un...

    Authors: Hester van Biljon, Lana van Niekerk, Isabel Margot-Cattin, Fasloen Adams, Nicola Plastow, David Bellagamba, Anders Kottorp and Ann-Helen Patomella
    Citation: BMC Geriatrics 2022 22:808
  22. This study examines predictors of nursing home admission (NHA) in Belgium in order to contribute to a better planning of the future demand for nursing home (NH) services and health care resources.

    Authors: Finaba Berete, Stefaan Demarest, Rana Charafeddine, Karin De Ridder, Johan Vanoverloop, Herman Van Oyen, Olivier Bruyère and Johan Van der Heyden
    Citation: BMC Geriatrics 2022 22:807
  23. Although high grade gliomas largely affect older patients, current evidence on neurosurgical complications is mostly based on studies including younger study populations. We aimed to investigate the risk for p...

    Authors: David Löfgren, Antonios Valachis and Magnus Olivecrona
    Citation: BMC Geriatrics 2022 22:805
  24. Although endovascular recanalization therapy demonstrates robust clinical efficacy in acute ischemic stroke (AIS), not all victims of these cerebrovascular accidents can benefit from it and achieve a favorable...

    Authors: Jie Gao, Zhe Cheng, Shangqian Jiang, Melissa Wills, Alexandra Wehbe, Gary B. Rajah, Xiaokun Geng and Yuchuan Ding
    Citation: BMC Geriatrics 2022 22:804
  25. Self-perceived burden (SPB) is an important predictor of quality of life (QoL) in patients with advanced cancer. However, the mechanism how SPB affects patients’ QoL remains unclear. This study aimed to examin...

    Authors: Lin Xiaodan, Xu Guiru, Chen Guojuan and Xiao Huimin
    Citation: BMC Geriatrics 2022 22:803
  26. For screening and distinguishing between mild neurocognitive disorder (mNCD) and normal cognitive age-related changes in primary care centers, a simple and practical tool is necessary. Therefore, this study aims ...

    Authors: Maryam Pourshams, James E. Galvin, Pouya Farokhnezhad Afshar, Pamela Gail Santos, Shahrzad Bazargan-Hejazi, Leila Kamalzadeh, Behnam Shariati and Seyed Kazem Malakouti
    Citation: BMC Geriatrics 2022 22:801
  27. Physical training is increasingly used in rehabilitation for older people with dementia and several studies have documented positive results. Currently, welfare nations promote motion-based technology (MBT) at...

    Authors: Eva Ladekjær Larsen, Frans Boch Waldorff, Helle Ploug Hansen and Karen la Cour
    Citation: BMC Geriatrics 2022 22:800
  28. Physical performance declines and executive dysfunctions are predictors of dementia. However, their associations are not well understood in Asian older adults without dementia (cognitively normal [CN] and mild...

    Authors: Ted Kheng Siang Ng, Madeline Fu Yun Han, Ping Yeap Loh, Ee Heok Kua, Junhong Yu, John R. Best and Rathi Mahendran
    Citation: BMC Geriatrics 2022 22:798
  29. Caregivers have considerable responsibilities in supporting persons in advanced stages of dementia, however they receive little education. Namaste Care is a multisensory program originally designed to be deliv...

    Authors: Marie-Lee Yous, Jenny Ploeg, Sharon Kaasalainen, Carrie McAiney and Kathryn Fisher
    Citation: BMC Geriatrics 2022 22:797
  30. With rapid economic development, the world's average life expectancy is increasing, leading to the increasing prevalence of osteoporosis worldwide. However, due to the complexity and high cost of dual-energy x...

    Authors: Cheng-bin Huang, Jia-sen Hu, Kai Tan, Wei Zhang, Tian-hao Xu and Lei Yang
    Citation: BMC Geriatrics 2022 22:796
  31. The proportion of older adults and individuals with disabilities in the general population increases each year. Thus, clinical clerkships designed for physiotherapy interns should provide more than simply know...

    Authors: I.-Hsien Lin, Chien-Yung Wang, Yen-Nung Lin, Hung-Chou Chen and Li-Fong Lin
    Citation: BMC Geriatrics 2022 22:795
  32. Researchers have mainly focused on aging risk factors and COVID-19 consequences. However, older adults have proved their ability to overcome adversities along their life. Resilience is a protective variable th...

    Authors: G. Perez-Rojo, J. López, C. Noriega, C. Velasco, I. Carretero, P. López-Frutos and L. Galarraga
    Citation: BMC Geriatrics 2022 22:793
  33. An increasing number of older adults in Japan are at an increased risk of road traffic crashes. This study aimed to investigate the prevalence of potential underlying medical factors that increase the risk of ...

    Authors: Hideharu Hagiya, Ryosuke Takase, Hiroyuki Honda, Yasuhiro Nakano, Yuki Otsuka, Hitomi Kataoka, Mika Uno, Keigo Ueda, Misa Takahashi, Hiroko Ogawa, Yoshihisa Hanayama and Fumio Otsuka
    Citation: BMC Geriatrics 2022 22:792
  34. Finding a strategy to reduce the impact of cognitive decline on everyday functioning in persons suffering from cognitive impairment is a public health priority. Instrumental activities of daily living (IADL) a...

    Authors: Marina Bruderer-Hofstetter, Ellen Gorus, Elise Cornelis, André Meichtry and Patricia De Vriendt
    Citation: BMC Geriatrics 2022 22:791
  35. A rising proportion of elderly in India has infused notable challenges to the healthcare system, which is already underdeveloped. On one side, NCDs are increasing among the elderly in India; however, on the ot...

    Authors: Shekhar Chauhan, Shubham Kumar, Ratna Patel, David Jean Simon and Aradhana Kumari
    Citation: BMC Geriatrics 2022 22:790
  36. A growing body of literature supports the efficacy of the health–social approach for the implementation of complex interventions to enhance self-care health management among community-dwelling older adults. Ho...

    Authors: Arkers Kwan Ching Wong, Frances Kam Yuet Wong, Martin Chi Sang Wong, Karen Kit Sum Chow, Dilys Kwai Sin Kwan and Dubby Yun Sang Lau
    Citation: BMC Geriatrics 2022 22:789
  37. The early identification of pre-frailty and frailty among older people is a global priority because of the increasing incidence of frailty and associated adverse health outcomes. This study aimed to validate t...

    Authors: Emma Yun Zhi Huang, Jasmine Cheung, Justina Yat Wa Liu, Rick Yiu Cho Kwan and Simon Ching Lam
    Citation: BMC Geriatrics 2022 22:788
  38. Smart technology in nursing home settings has the potential to elevate an operation that manages more significant number of older residents. However, the concepts, definitions, and types of smart technology, i...

    Authors: Yuanyuan Zhao, Fakhrul Zaman Rokhani, Shariff-Ghazali Sazlina, Navin Kumar Devaraj, Jing Su and Boon-How Chew
    Citation: BMC Geriatrics 2022 22:787
  39. This study aimed to determine the prevalence and risk factors for sarcopenia and severe sarcopenia among urban community-dwelling adults in Thailand, using the Asian Working Group for Sarcopenia (AWGS-2019) cr...

    Authors: Jiraporn Sri-on, Yupadee Fusakul, Thiti Kredarunsooksree, Thitiwan Paksopis and Rasida Ruangsiri
    Citation: BMC Geriatrics 2022 22:786
  40. Rehabilitation potential involves predicting who will benefit from rehabilitation. Decisions about rehabilitation potential must take into account personal, clinical and contextual factors, a process which is ...

    Authors: Alison Cowley, Sarah E. Goldberg, Adam L. Gordon and Pip A. Logan
    Citation: BMC Geriatrics 2022 22:785
  41. Little is known about the incidence of clinical events and treatment patterns among older adults with dementia-related psychosis. Given that dementia-related psychosis comprises various dementia types, this st...

    Authors: Joan Forns, Heather E. Danysh, Lisa J. McQuay, Mary Ellen Turner, Colleen Dempsey, Mary S. Anthony, George Demos and J. Bradley Layton
    Citation: BMC Geriatrics 2022 22:784
  42. Anticholinergic medications are drugs that block cholinergic transmission, either as their primary therapeutic action or as a secondary effect. Patients with dementia may be particularly sensitive to the centr...

    Authors: Annabelle Hook, Jessica L. Randall, Carla M. Grubb, Natalie Ellis, Jack Wellington, Aayushi Hemmad, Agisilaos Zerdelis, Andrew R. D. Winnett, Benjamin D. W. Geers, Bethany Sykes, Charlotte N. Auty, Cecilia Vinchenzo, Christiane E. Thorburn, Daniella Asogbon, Emily Granger, Heather Boagey…
    Citation: BMC Geriatrics 2022 22:783
  43. The aim of this study was to assess the efficacy of the combined use of smartphone and smartband technology for 3-months alongside brief lifestyle counselling, versus counselling alone, in increasing physical ...

    Authors: José I. Recio-Rodríguez, Susana Gonzalez-Sanchez, Olaya Tamayo-Morales, Manuel A. Gómez-Marcos, Luis Garcia-Ortiz, Virtudes Niño-Martín, Cristina Lugones-Sanchez and Emiliano Rodriguez-Sanchez
    Citation: BMC Geriatrics 2022 22:782

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