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Table 2 A summary of the measurement properties of multicomponent frailty assessment tools with evidence of reliability and validity that was within statistical significant parameters and of fair to excellent quality

From: Psychometric properties of multicomponent tools designed to assess frailty in older adults: A systematic review

Frailty assessment tool Internal consistency Reliability Measurement error Content validity Structural validity Hypothesis testing Cross cultural validity Criterion validity Responsiveness
9-Item Frailty Measure [25]     X   X    
Brief Clinical Instrument to Classify Frailty [26, 27]       X    
Brief Frailty Index [28]     X   X    
British Frailty Index [29]          
Care Partners-Frailty Index-Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment [30]     X   X    
Clinical Frailty Scale [3133]     X   X    
Clinical Global Impression of Change in Physical Frailty [34]     X      
Comprehensive Assessment of Frailty [3537]       X    
Continuous Composite Measure of Frailty [38]     X   X    
EASY-Care Two-step Older persons Screening [39, 40]       X    
Edmonton Frail Scale [4143]          
Evaluative Index for Physical Frailty [44]     X      
FI-CGA [4547]   X   X   X    
FORECAST [35, 36]       X    
Frailty Index [48]       X    
Frailty Index based on Primary Care Data [49, 50]     X   X    
Frailty Index for Elders [51]          
Frail Non-Disabled Instrument [52]          
Frailty Screening Tool [53]          
Groningen Frailty Indicator [27, 49, 5462]     X   X    X
Guilley Frailty Instrument [63]       X    
Inactivity and Weight Loss [64, 65]     X   X    
INTER-FRAIL Study Questionnaire [66]     X   X    
KLoSHA Frailty Index [67]     X   X    
Marigliano–Cacciafesta Polypathological Scale [68]          
Phenotype of Frailty [2, 13, 27, 69, 70]       X    
Predictive Physical Frailty Score [71]       X    
Prognostic Risk Score [72]       X    
Self-Report Screening Tool for Frailty [73]       X    
SHARE Frailty Instrument [7478]     X   X    
SHARE Frailty Instrument 75+ [79]     X   X    
SOF Frailty Criteria [80, 81]       X    
Strawbridge Frailty Measure [82, 83]          
The Comprehensive Frailty Assessment Instrument [84, 85]     X   X    
The Frailty Trait Scale [86]     X   X    
The FRAIL Scale [87]       X    
Tilburg Frailty Indicator (TFI) [55, 57, 8894]   X   X   X    X
WHIOS Multicomponent Measure [95]       X