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Table 3 Sample week of the Quartier Agil programme

From: Feasibility of smartphone-supported, combined physical and cognitive activities in the Neighbourhood for stimulating social participation of the elderly

Day Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Component Solitary cognitive training Solitary physical training Multimodal group training Hot spot activities
Content Cognitive game Anagram via app Six strength exercises via app Greeting administration
Cognitive game Homonym
Obstacle course + cognitive task outlook
Paper chase: “On the trail of …” hike through botanical garden, combined with a smartphone-based quiz
Duration 5 minutes 30 minutes 90 minutes 60 minutes
Time At the discretion of each participant At the discretion of each participant 10:30–12:00 Self-organised by a number of participants
Location Home Home Local sports club Botanical garden
Mentoring 2 tutors
Resources Smartphone, app Smartphone, app Word list, cones, hoop, balance pads Smartphone, quiz
Organised by 1 tutor 1 tutor 2 tutors 2 tutors
  1. In this example, no activity was scheduled from Friday to Sunday. The content of the multimodal group training and the actual hot spot activities usually changed from week to week