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Table 3 Brain MRI Investigation Results

From: A clinicopathological study of selected cognitive impairment cases in Lothian, Scotland: enhanced CJD surveillance in the 65 + population group

Case Date of onseta MRI date Period ~ (days) Summary of abnormality
ID 1 01/12/2012 07/08/2013 249 Generalised cerebral atrophy, exaggerated in occipital lobes
ID 2 15/07/2013 15/09/2015 792 Moderate global cerebral atrophy, accelerated for age. Minor small vessel change with no focus on ischaemic change
ID 3 15/07/2009 31/10/2013 1569 Moderate diffuse prominence of the ventriculosulcal system, slightly more prominent in the frontal and parietal lobes bilaterally and slightly advanced for age. Patchy hyper intense FLAIR signal present throughout the cerebral deep white matter. Global cerebral atrophy. More focal atrophy left temporal lobe and peri-insular cortex
ID 4 15/07/2011 28/04/2014 1018 Marked diffuse prominence of the ventriculosulcal system, advanced for stated age. More prominent in temporal and parietal lobes bilaterally
ID 5 15/07/2004 19/06/2014 3626 Generalised cerebral atrophy, probably slightly advanced for age
ID 6 15/07/2011 21/09/2016 1895 Mild bilateral temporal lobe atrophy, worse on the left. No features of prion disease
ID 7 20/10/2015 12/08/2016 297 Moderate microvascular ischaemia probably more recent punctate cortical infarction in the high right parietal lobe
ID 8 15/07/2010 06/10/2016 2275 Subtle biparietal volume loss in keeping with Alzheimer's type dementia. No features of prion disease
ID 9 15/10/2013 13/03/2014 149 Cerebral atrophy, advanced for age
ID 10 15/07/2003 06/04/2009 2092 Mild degree of generalised atrophy for age but otherwise examination unremarkable
ID 11 01/12/2015 17/06/2017 564 No imaging features of prion disease. Global atrophy, with more focal atrophy in perisylvian cortex bilaterally and left medial temporal lobe structures. Enlarged lateral and third ventricles are most likely secondary to atrophy
ID 12 15/07/2014 16/12/2016 885 Marked medial temporal lobe atrophy supporting diagnosis of AD. Non-specific white matter changes most likely secondary to small vessel disease
ID 13 15/07/2013 10/05/2017 1395 No MR features of CJD. Advanced global atrophy with more marked medial temporal atrophy
ID 14 17/08/2011 11/11/2014 1182 Generalised cerebral atrophy advanced for age. Supatentonial small vessel change static since 2013. No specific imaging features to indicate PSP
ID 15 15/07/2012 07/06/2015 1057 Moderate global cerebral atrophy for age. No other specific causes for cognitive impairment identified
ID 16 06/09/2012 25/09/2012 19 Generalised involutional change slightly excessive for age but no focal atrophy. No features of CJD. Posterior/medial temporal pattern of atrophy in keeping with a posterior dementia such as Alzheimer’s
ID 17 15/07/2015 14/06/2017 700 Advanced chronic small vessel vascular changes. Extensive atrophy, most evident in the medial temporal lobes
ID 18 30/01/2017 26/04/2017 86 Moderate volume loss and microvascular ischaemia
ID 19 15/07/2014 12/10/2015 454 Cerebral white matter and basal ganglia small vessel ischaemic changes, slightly prominent even allowing for age. Moderate generalised cerebral involution, slight more prominent in temporal lobes. Mixed vascular and neurodegenerative aetiology likely
ID 20 28/06/2012 16/10/2013 475 Asymmetrical atrophy, slight progression since 2009
ID 21 21/03/2017 20/04/2017 30 Bilateral parietal volume loss
  1. a The date of first self-reported clinical symptom(s); verified (as much as possible) with the general practitioner’s notes. ~ Time period between date of onset and MRI date