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Table 3 Building a new life themes, sub themes and data excerpts

From: Building a new life: a qualitative study of how family carers deal with significant changes

Theme/Sub Theme Data Excerpts
Building New Relationships “The change in your relationship with your loved one or the changes in your other relationships that you may be having on a day-to-day basis” (FG9).
/With Family Member “I categorize most of the changes as having to do with building a new relationship [with my family member living in LTC].”” (FG3)
/People Outside of LTC “So, I see it in one hand a relationship with your spouse and on the other hand building a new relationship outside of that relationship” (FG3)
/With Staff “Knowing the staff, the PSWs [personal support workers], they’re your link” (FG7).
Finding Space for Themselves “…this inside pulling of trying to be loving to your mother but also trying to find that space for yourself. “(FG8)
/Sharing Care “So, you know, you’ve given up the day-to-day physical. Now, there’s the emotional and the worry, right? So, it’s different” (FG1).
/Finding Balance “So, what happens is like I work till late at night trying to get laundry done and things like that. And in the morning, I’m tired because just to – and it’s hard to get a balance” (FG7)
Factors Supporting Building a New Life:
/Understanding Dementia “I think it’s understanding the disease.” (FG7)
/Support from Others “Calling on others for support, I think, is huge. That’s one of the things that I said, you know, just rallying the troops”(FG8)
/Connecting with Resources “As well as maybe a resource list of when things kind of fail, you can reach out to these people to help you advocate for what they need” (FG3).
/Being Included in Care Decisions “And we’re not getting care conferences. …I think that’s a way of isolating me, like keeping me out of the loop” FG3)