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Table 2 Exercise programs based on individual functional status assessed through the physical performance-based tests

From: Effect of a multicomponent exercise program and cognitive stimulation (VIVIFRAIL-COGN) on falls in frail community older persons with high risk of falls: study protocol for a randomized multicenter control trial

SPPB Score 6-m UGS Test Exercise Programa
0–3  < 0.5 m/s A-Disability
4–6 0.5–0.8 m/s B-Frailty
7–9 0.9–1 m/s C-Pre-frailty
10–12  > 1 m/s D- Robustness
  1. aIf a high risk of falling is detected: TUG (≥ 20 s), UGS (< 0.8 m/s), diagnosis of dementia and/or recurrent falls/falls requiring medical attention in the last year, subjects will be assigned to the “ + ” program, making emphasis on balance training