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Table 5 Correlation of QPQoL-brief and specific scales

From: Psychometric properties of the Czech version of the brief Older People Quality of Life questionnaire (OPQoL-brief)

  Global QoL (1 item) OPQoL-brief (13 items) Independence/active life (dom 1) Family/household (dom 2)
GDS  − 0.490b  − 0.520b  − 0.549b  − 0.421b
GAI  − 0.339b  − 0.355b  − 0.348b  − 0.332b
SOC_total 0.416b 0.427b 0.417b 0.389b
SOC_C 0.331b 0.331b 0.312b 0.313b
SOC_MA 0.134a 0.105a 0.095b 0.106b
SOC_ME 0.431b 0.496b 0.486b 0.431b
RSES 0.370b 0.428b 0.418b 0.381b
Social support  − 0.260b  − 0.377b  − 0.318b  − 0.400b
Global QoL (1 item) 0.621b 0.631b 0.520b
  1. SOC_C comprehensibility, SOC_MA manageability, SOC_ME meaningfulness, RSES Rosenberg self-esteem scale
  2. aCorrelation is significant at the 0.05 level
  3. bCorrelation is significant at the 0.01 level