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Table 1 STADPLAN intervention components and content

From: Contextual factors influencing advance care planning in home care: process evaluation of the cluster-randomised controlled trial STADPLAN

Target group Intervention component Content
Nurse facilitators 2-day educational programme Day 1: ACP basics, aim of the ACP conversations, practical training of the conversation setting and topic guide
Day 2: Reflection on experiences and refresher training with case examples
Topic guide for ACP conversations Structured guides with main topics, example prompts, and space for noting main results of the conversation
Patients IG ACP conversation 1 Information on ACP, documentation of patients’ ACP activities to date, introduction to the information brochure and workbook
ACP conversation 2 Exploration and reflection of patients’ attitudes, preferences and values regarding ACP and health care
Information brochure and workbook Information on ACP including a glossary of important ACP concepts and terms, reflexion prompts and contact data of local advisory services
Caregivers IG Invitation to participate in ACP conversation 2 Listening to the conversation with the patient first and reflecting on the conversations’ results and implications at the end of the conversation
Patients CG Information leaflet Short information on ACP and contact data of local advisory services
  1. ACP Advance care planning, CG Control group, IG Intervention group