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Table 1 Presenting 15 independent variables used to search for associations with self-rated community participation

From: Associations between community participation and types of places visited among persons living with and without dementia: risks perception and socio-demographic aspects

Number of visited places by domain (ACT-OUT)
 Total number of currently visited places (max =25)
 Number of places visited in domain A/ consumer, administrative and self-care places (max = 7)
 Number of places visited in domain B/places for medical care (max = 5)
 Number of places visited in domain C/social, cultural and spiritual places (max = 6)
 Number of places visited in domain D/places for recreational and physical activities (max = 7)
Characteristics of the participants (MoCA and socio-demographic questionnaire)
 Age expressed in years
 Gender expressed as male or female
 Education was adapted into three levels from The International Standard Classification of Education (ISCED 2011) [55] (primary/secondary school, apprenticeship, and higher education degree)
 Living arrangement expressed as living alone or with someone
 Setting adapted to the Swiss context as village, small town and city
 Access to using a car expressed as self-driving, being driven by someone or no use of car
Perceived risks (ACT-OUT)
 Getting lost expressed as concern perceived by participants (very concerned; concerned; unconcerned; very unconcerned)
 Falling down
 Being stressed
 Being embarrassed