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Table 2 AWESSoM studies: Collaboration, co-funding, study phases

From: Optimising function and well-being in older adults: protocol for an integrated research programme in Aotearoa/New Zealand

Study Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) Co-funded partnerships Development Intervention Impact & Sustainabilty
Māori older adults Engagement with Māori olders, whānau N/A Participation research methods conforming to Mātauranga Māori knowledge and practice.
Modification of LifeCurve™ App for Māori.
12 week programme nutrition, sleep, physical activity.
Trial of LifeCurve™App.
Potential for broader adoption of intervention within Māori communities; adoption of the App.
Pacific elders Pacific elders Vaka Tautua (national Pacific health and social service provider) Engagement with Vaka Tautua N/A Potential development of the LifeCurveApp for the Pacific community.
At-risk cohort Māori community; Pacific elders; Age concern ADL Smartcare
Age Concern: national charity representing older adults.
Engagement with Māori and Pacific communities; Engagment with Age Concern and agencies.
LifeCurve™ App modification to reflect NZ socio-cultural norms. Identification of broad range of national and regional health services, social & community services to list and describe on the App.
Iterarative pilot of the meta-assessment form for use with non-Māori, non-Pacific participants through discussion with each group.
Modification LifeCurve™ App for NZ sociocultural conditions, embed national and local resources on App
Recruit participants, train in use of App
Self-identification of position on LifeCurve trajectory
Use of App for 12 months
Concurrent embedded studies physical activity, sedentary behaviour, socialisation, oral health.
Long term adoption of the LifeCurve™ App supported by the BoP DHB. Continued updating of the App to reflect local resources and referral availability.
Residential care Two facilities from a corporate Aged Residential Care organisation.   Engagement with staff and residents to identify key issues regarding oral care, sleep, cognition. Dential assessments, provision of dental hygienist service. Sleep health assessments. Cognitive stimulation therapy. Developent of approproate resources for oral care, sleep disturbance, cognitive stimulation
Profiles of multi-morbidity Compass Health: PHO > 500,000 patients enrolled; 2 primary care practices selected for data capture.   N/A N/A Identify support needs for clusters of individuals to improve management of co-morbidities and enable independent living for longer.
  1. Abbreviations: ADL Activities of Daily Living scale, BoP Bay of Plenty, DHB District Health Board, PHO Primary Health Organisation