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Table 6 Case Examples of Enablers Experienced by Participants

From: Potential value of home square-stepping exercises for inactive older adults: an exploratory case study

Enabler Definition Keywords Quote
Achievable goal Shorter durations became more realistic Easy/simple to follow, shorter durations Participant 1: 10 min is easy, when I first started it felt a little difficult, then I increased it to 15 to 20 and 10 min in fact started to become easy
Participant 6: Not really, once you keep going you just kind of gain momentum… I always do more than 10 min
Home equipment Supplied equipment helped physical activity Helpfulness, convenience, value, flexibility, or no associated costs Participant 4: Yes, it [i.e., Home Steps mat] was always set up… it was a convenience to me I didn’t always have to dig it up
Participant 8: It is nice, you don’t really need any special equipment. In the hall there’s a treadmill and a bike, at home, I keep my eye on that. But you can just stand up to the wall and do it…
Convenience Staying home to complete exercise was convenient Suitable at home, no cost, own time, simple, no transportation, no gym, no specific attire, weather, short duration Participant 7: Its convenient too, because you do it at your own time. I don’t like having to be at a certain place at a certain time
Participant 5: The fact that the program is all set up and it’s not difficult to do on your own
Fitness Physical fitness was important Too inactive, afraid to fall, sedentary, maintaining activity, health benefit/quality of life, stay home longer Participant 6: Yes, well I realize that I was not doing any exercise, like zero, I knew better but like many people they may have a rational thought about it, but they might not do anything about it
Case 2: Weight. My regular routine is sedentary, I do a lot of work at the computer and read books a lot
Preferred home exercise Prefers exercising at home Personal space, secure, without communication, indoors, easier to get started, lacking access to facilities Participant 9:: When you’re home it’s quiet, I have my own place… I enjoyed doing the home steps personally myself
Participant 4: I like doing it at home, I wouldn’t go to a gym, I never been to one in my life, I get out and I do a lot around the yard and the house where I live now…
  1. Each quote is an example of a case where the barrier is experienced