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Table 5 Case Examples of Barriers Experienced by Participants

From: Potential value of home square-stepping exercises for inactive older adults: an exploratory case study

Barrier Definition Keywords Quote
Hard to keep intensity required Fitness related limitations
during exercise program
Fitness, balance, ageing, or fatigue Participant 2: We live in the country, I want to spend more time outside, but bugs are a problem, the ground is a problem as well. I have a poor sense of balance, I don’t really enjoy walking, and I’m always looking at the ground
Participant 1: Well its difficult, it takes a lot of concentration because you have to look down where you want to put your feet. I tried to look up but I had to look down at the boxes…
Lack of time Conflicts regarding exercise schedule Too busy, prioritizing activities, unorganized, or travel Participant 4: See, well, I never reached the total goal [≥ 150-min]. I got 90-min because I did it once a day
Participant 2: With difficulty, I had to fit it in my days, day by day I would think ahead, I did it after breakfast and after lunch
Pain Mild pain during the exercise program Knee joints, lower back,shoulder joints, leg, or foot Participant 1: Every time I did the steps for a few minutes I would feel a little pain in the knees as I continued it seemed to go away, my back, lumbar spine gives some pain, occasionally sometimes when I hit the ground and I would feel it in my back
Participant 9: I had a difficult time the first week because I did have day surgery on my legs so I had a healing process
Unsuitable program Dislikes in specific areas of the exercise program Boring, repetitive, no incentive, no social interaction, too much space Participant 3: Specifically, I don’t like the home-steps program it’s not for me and it’s too boring just the short distance and rotation…
Participant 6: They were simple exercises with the exception of one that I found difficult and that was the triceps exercise and that was only because my back was hurting…
Negative previous experience Recalls a negative
previous experience
Torn tendons in knee, cancer, or injuries from falling Participant 3: As I told you I busted my ACL tendon. When you do that then you can walk or you can fall, and that’s what actually happened…
Participant 2: When I was 50, I did soccer, but my experience was not good, I tore some tendons in my knee really badly
  1. Each quote is an example of a case where the barrier is experienced