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Table 3 Themes and sub-themes

From: Patients’ and healthcare providers’ perceptions and experiences of telehealth use and online health information use in chronic disease management for older patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: a qualitative study

Themes Sub-themes
1. Faced with a vast amount of online health information 1.1 Health-related information that older patients contemplated
1.2 The understanding of health-related information available to older patients
2. Essential competencies and personality traits ensuring older patients’ participation and sustained use 2.1 Basic personal competencies of older patients for accessing telehealth and online health information
2.2 Confidence of older patients
2.3 Personal inertia of older patients
2.4 Health responsibility of older patients
3. User experience with the use of technology 3.1 Novel feeling of technology in older patients
3.2 Feeling superior to other older people
3.3 Feeling of distance between the patient and HCP during remote interaction
3.4 Users’ scepticism of the accuracy of remote diagnosis
3.5 Perceived advantages of using telehealth and online health information by users
4. Being in a complex social context 4.1 Social prejudice against the internet
4.2 People’s resistance to the telehealth service model
4.3 The reliance on offspring
4.4 The persuasive power of speech
4.5 Health resources to be improved