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Table 1 Demographic information of study participants (N = 34)

From: Challenges in providing ethically competent health care to incarcerated older adults with mental illness: a qualitative study exploring mental health professionals’ perspectives in Canada

Professional experience Number of participants Participant IDs
Psychologist 7 MP1, MP2, MP3, MP18, MP26, MP27, MP31
Unit and case manager 5 MP9, MP12, MP13, MP14, MP30
Nurse 4 MP5, MP6, MP22, MP24
Chief of mental health services 4 MP19, MP23, MP21, MP32
Occupational therapist 3 MP7, MP20, MP28
Social worker 2 MP8, MP17
Research scientist 2 MP15, MP29
Legal coordinator 1 MP4
Director 1 MP10
Professor of criminology 1 MP11
Psychologist 1 MP16
Acting clinical team leader 1 MP25
Psychiatric nurse 1 MP33
Psychiatrist 1 MP34
Gender 22F, 12 M