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Table 4 Characteristics of physical health outcomes used in studies included in scoping review

From: Social connection and physical health outcomes among long-term care home residents: a scoping review

Physical health outcomes characteristics
Total articles n (%) 34 (100)
Physical health outcome categories
 Mortality 8 (23.5)
 Self-rated health 6 (17.6)
 Sleep and fatigue 5 (14.7)
 Nutrition and hydration 5 (14.7)
 Stress 2 (5.9)
 Frailty 2 (5.9)
 Othera 6 (17.6)
  1. aOther measures of physical health included functional decline, successful aging, pain, self-feeding dependence over time, MRSA carriage, and multiple (including bladder or bowel incontinence, urinary tract infections, faecel impaction, little or no activity, bedfast residents, stage 1–4 ulcers, and falls)