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Table 3 Characteristics of social connection measures used in studies included in scoping review

From: Social connection and physical health outcomes among long-term care home residents: a scoping review

Social connection exposures characteristics
Total articles n (%) 34 (100)
Aspect of social connection
 Social engagement 14 (41.2)
 Social support 10 (29.4)
 Loneliness 6 (17.6)
 Social network 2 (5.9)
 Othera 6 (17.6)
 Minimum Data Set 12 (35.3)
 UCLA Loneliness Scale 3 (8.8)
 Leisure Social Support Scale 2 (5.9)
 Otherb 18 (52.9)
  1. aOther measures of social connection included social integration, social interaction, social participation, social relationships, social involvement, and social isolation
  2. bOther instruments/methods used to assess social connection include the Duke Older Americans Resources and Services Procedures, the Hebrew Home Social Network Rating Scale, a survey, interviews, a Modified Inventory of Socially Supportive Behaviours, behavioural observations, the Social Engagement Scale, the VAUX Social Support Questionnaire, a single question, the interRAI-LCTF, family visits, the Cohen-Mansfield measure of social network (1992), the Multidimensional Scale of Perceived Social Support, a single-item question, the Loucks Social Network Score, the De Jong Gierveld Scale, the Social Provisions Scale, and the Personal Resource Questionnaire