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Table 5 Results of the GEE analysis of handgrip strength asymmetry change and Mini-Mental State Examination scores

From: Association between change in handgrip strength and cognitive function in Korean adults: a longitudinal panel study

  Men Women
β 95%CI β 95%CI
Handgrip strength asymmetry change (kg)    
Same or Increased Ref.   Ref.  
Decreased −0.1476 (− 0.2485 -0.0466) −0.1755 (− 0.2822 -0.0688)
  1. *All variables in Table 2 were included in the GEE model. Handgrip strength asymmetry was calculated by subtracting lower handgrip strength from higher handgrip strength. The change of handgrip strength asymmetry between 2 years were grouped into Same/Increased and Decreased