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Table 1 Semi-structured interview (GPs) and focus group (community engagement meeting) schedule

From: What we need as we get older: needs assessment for the development of a community geriatrics service in an Australian context

Section Topics Discussed Interview Duration Focus Group Duration
Introductions Meet and greet 1 min 5 min
Explanation of background to development Explain the nature of the study, the role of geriatricians, and the basic principles of the objectives of the planned service 2 min 5 min
Consent Check for any questions and obtain verbal consent to participate 1 min 5 min
Access demand for CGS 1. How many geriatric patients do you see daily approximately?
2. How many geriatric patients have 2 or more major active health problems?
3. Do these active health problems include diabetes?
4. How many geriatric patients have active social issues?
5. Do your patients experience any difficulties with driving?
5 min 25 min
Requirements 1. What are the hardest medical issues your geriatric patients have?
2. What are the hardest social issues your geriatric patients have?
3. Who are your hardest geriatric patients?
4. Is there anything that your geriatric patients need that they are not getting?
5. Do you feel there is a need for more advanced care directives?
6. How many patients would you refer to secondary care?
7. Are there some patients you would like to refer but are unable so, and if so, why?
8. What would you envisage geriatricians helping you and your patients with?
5 min 25 min
Geriatricians 1. What would your expectations of a CGS be?
2. What are your issues with the current geriatric service?
3. What would be your priority requirements from a CGS?
4. Would you prefer to have an on-call geriatrician, one geriatrician or a team of geriatricians allocated to your practice?
5 min 25 min
Conclusions 1. Is there anything else you feel is important to highlight at this stage? 2 min 15 min