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Table 2 Proportions of perceived discrimination and reasons

From: Perceived discrimination and health outcomes among middle-aged and older adults in India: results of a national survey in 2017–2018

Perceived discrimination Treated with less courtesy or respect. 12.1
Poorer service at restaurants or stores. 6.7
People act as if they think you are not smart. 8.1
People act as if they are afraid of you. 5.1
You are threatened or harassed. 6.4
Poorer medical services or treatment. 5.9
Number of perceived discriminations 0 82.7
1–2 10.7
3–6 6.6
Reasons of discrimination Age 8.3
Financial 7.1
Caste 2.2
Gender 1.6
Physical appearance 1.1
Religion 0.9
Physical disability 0.7
Body weight 0.3
Other 1.5