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Table 4 Item loadings for the Chinese version of the Participation Subscale

From: Psychometric validation of the Chinese version of the PaArticular Scales among elderly residents in long-term care facilities with joint contractures

Item No. Item Factor 1: participation
4 Participate in community life on the basis of your expectations 0.89
11 Take part in religious belief activities 0.85
5 Take part in games (such as board, memory, card games) 0.84
10 Attend social gatherings 0.82
9 Run after your hobbies 0.81
7 Engage in your cultural hobbies 0.81
6 Take part in gymnastics and sports activities 0.80
2 Use appropriate physical touch with other people (such as hugging in accordance with appropriate social etiquette) 0.79
3 Communicate with others and keep going social contacts 0.75
1 In various fields of daily life, help others in need 0.68
8 Tinker/handicraft 0.64
% of variance
Cumulative %