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Table 1 Definition of Successful Aging according to the Korean Longitudinal Study of Ageing

From: Association between successful aging transitions and depressive symptoms among older Korean adults: findings from the Korean longitudinal study of aging (2006–2018)

Domain Variables Successful Aging (SA) Non-Successful Aging (NSA)
Absence of disability ADL 0 ≥ 1
IADL 0–1 ≥ 2
Maintenance of high mental and physical function MMSE-K ≥ 24 < 24
HG Gender-specific median HG value (Men: ≥28.75, Women: ≥17) Below gender-specific median HG value
Continued engagement with life Social activities Participation in one or more activity 0
  1. Abbreviation: ADL Activities of Daily Living; IADL Instrumental Activities of Daily Living; MMSE-K Korean form of the Mini Mental State Examination; HG Handgrip Strength