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Table 2 Summary of consensus recommendations on interventions for maintaining muscle health

From: Singapore multidisciplinary consensus recommendations on muscle health in older adults: assessment and multimodal targeted intervention across the continuum of care

Management of muscle health across the continuum of care in Singapore – recommended interventions for muscle health
7. Progressive resistance/weight-based training is effective for improving muscle mass, strength and physical performance
8. Adequate calorie and protein diet support muscle health for healthy community-dwelling older adults.
9. Supplementation of protein and calories, either via whole foods and/or high protein oral nutrition supplements, should be the primary focus of any nutrition interventions aimed at optimizing muscle health and recovery in hospitalized patients.
10. Meeting the recommended daily intake of vitamin D (600–800 IU) may improve muscle strength across the continuum of care and vitamin D deficiency should be treated.
11. A combination of physical activity and nutritional interventions is strongly recommended for optimal muscle health in patients with malnutrition and at risk of malnutrition.
12. A multidisciplinary team (physicians, dietitians/nutritionists, physiotherapists, nurses and other relevant healthcare professionals) is essential for optimizing muscle health in all settings.
13. Patients and caregivers should be educated on the importance of combining physical activity and nutritional interventions for improving muscle health.
14. Across all healthcare settings, urgent initiatives are required to raise awareness, educate and skill relevant healthcare professionals on screening, prevention and management of poor muscle health.