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Table 3 The concept of the game of uncertainty

From: Games of uncertainty: the participation of older patients with multimorbidity in care planning meetings – a qualitative study

  Game of chance Competitive game Collaborative game
Uncertainty The patient assessed uncertainty to a greater degree than other players.
Temporal focus: did not look forward.
The players assessed the level of uncertainty differently. The patient’s understanding of uncertainty was shared with other players.
Temporal focus: the future.
Participants’ roles Patient fighting alone against Nature. Two sides, in which one of the sides saw Nature as an opponent. All players were teammates, either aligning against Nature or not feeling threatened by it.
Level of patient participation Low: the patient received information, was less active.
Health professionals set goals for care.
Varied: depended on which side of the game the patient took.
Difficult to agree on goals for care.
Higher: the patient functioned as an equal player within the team.
Easier to agree on goals for care.