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Table 2 Overview of all outcome measures per time point

From: Effectiveness of an integrated multidisciplinary geriatric rehabilitation programme for older persons with stroke: a multicentre randomised controlled trial

Subject Outcome measures Measurement scale Number of items Time point
T0 T1 T2
Patient Primary outcome measure
Activity level after stroke Frenchay Activity Index 15 FI FI FI
Secondary outcome measures
Level of functioning Katz-15 15 FI FI FI
Stroke specific quality of life Stroke Specific Quality of Life Questionnaire 49 FI FI FI
Social participation Impact on Participation and Autonomy (subscales autonomy outdoors and social life and relationships) 12 FI FI FI
Informal caregiver Secondary outcome measures
Perceived care burden Self-Rated Burden VAS 10 SQ SQ SQ
Carer Quality of life Carer Qol 7 SQ SQ SQ
Objective care load Erasmus iBMG 4 SQ SQ SQ
Background characteristics
Background characteristics patient - 10/5/5 FI FI FI
Background characteristics informal
- 8/7/7 SQ SQ SQ
Cognitive functioning patient Mini Mental State Examination 11 FI
  1. T0 = at baseline, T1 = after 6 months, T2 = after 12 months, FI = face-to-face interview, SQ = self-report questionnaire