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Table 6 Results of analysis on interaction between sex and living situation for social loneliness among 2251 participants of the UHCE study

From: Socio-demographic characteristics associated with emotional and social loneliness among older adults

Social loneliness
  Living with partner Living without partner OR (95% CI) for living without partner vs living with partner within strata of sex
N lonely/not lonely OR (95% CI) N lonely/not lonely OR (95% CI)
Male 148/511 ref. 77/155 1.94 (1.35–2.78) 1.94 (1.35–2.78)
Female 122/354 1.18 (0.87–1.59) 253/631 1.11 (0.86–1.43) 0.94 (0.71–1.25)
OR (95% CI) for female vs male within strata of living situation   1.18 (0.87–1.59)   0.57 (0.41–0.80)  
  1. Interaction between sex and living situation on the multiplicative scale P = .002
  2. ORs are adjusted for age, educational level, migration background and country. P-values <.05 in bold. OR odds ratio, CI confidence interval, ref. reference group