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Table 1 Inclusion and exclusion criteria for literature search

From: Psychosocial interventions to support the mental health of informal caregivers of persons living with dementia – a systematic literature review

Criteria Inclusion Exclusion
Population • Informal caregiver and persons with diagnosis of dementia (dyads) (> 18 years)
• Care takes place at home (home-based care) by informal caregivers
• Persons < 18 years
• People in need of care with inborn disabilities
• Professional caregiving
Intervention • Programmes and services to promote mental health of informal caregiver of persons living with dementia
• A detailed description of intervention (content, duration, sessions/contacts, follow-up, medium used, location, group/individual approach, target group)
• Pharmacological and bio-medical interventions
• Further training of professional nursing and health professionals
Outcomes • Validated measures of mental health
• Evaluation of intervention effects with validated quantitative scales
Study design & publication type • Randomized controlled trials (RCT)
• High methodological quality (min. 8 points) [9]
• Published in peer-review journals
• Grey literature
Years • 2009–2018 • Publications prior to 2009
Language • German and English-language studies • Other languages