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Table 2 Examples of condensed meaning units, codes, sub-categories, and general categories

From: Experiences of dementia and attitude towards prevention: a qualitative study among older adults participating in a prevention trial

Condensed meaning unitCodeSub-categoryGeneral categoryResearch question
I'm aware of my risk factors because of family history of the diseasesAwareness of risk factors (experiences with relatives)   
Mother started using AD medications quite late, but I would like to get the medications as soon as possibleWill to get early treatment (experiences with relatives)   
My mother's AD would have progressed faster without the medicationsFaster progression without medications (experiences with relatives)Increased awareness and knowledge due to family history and/or indirect experiences  
I'm familiar with CVD and cognitive disorders because my father has both diseasesFamiliar with cognitive disorders (experiences with relatives)   
I'm sure family history plays a role, my mother-in-law's mother and all my aunts had ADFamily history plays a role (experiences with relatives) Knowledge and beliefs linked to and obtained through family history and/or indirect experiencesKnowledge of cognitive disorders and prevention
My mother-in-law's deterioration started when her husband died and she was depressedDifficult situation in life/depression is a risk factor (experiences with relatives)   
One parent had AD and the other had CVD, so I don't know if the risk factors are same or differentNot knowing if CVD and cognitive disorders share the same risk factors (experiences with relatives)   
My brother had a healthy diet, he exercised, was slim and didn't smoke or drink, but still got ADGetting AD despite of having healthy lifestyle (experiences with relatives)Uncertainty about the cause and risk factors due to family history and/or indirect experiences  
I don't know what caused AD in my aunts as they all had different situations in lifeNot knowing the cause (experiences with relatives)