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Table 3 Activities, interventions and tools used in integrated care programs to address risks on different domains of safety

From: Addressing safety risks in integrated care programs for older people living at home: a scoping review

 ABLECAPABLEGuided CareRestorative Home CareCarewellEmbraceFITU-ProfitElderly Persons in the Risk ZoneHome-Based Case ManagementSpitexPlus
Activities targeting client functioning
 Assessment of risks and needsX XXXXXX XX
 Evidence based guidelines and protocols to address risks and needs  XXXXXX  X
 Proactive risk managementX XX X   XX
Activities targeting client behaviour
 Training in disease and symptom management  X  X    X
 Training in medication management X       X 
 Training in functional performanceXX X     X 
 Education about potential problems and risksX  X X  XXX
 Counselling in how to cope with problems and risks X XX   X X
Activities targeting the social environment
 Education and counselling for caregivers  XX       
 Access to community resources  X     XX 
Activities targeting the physical environment
 Aids and assistive devicesX  X     X 
 Adjustments and repairs in the homeXX X     X 
Activities targeting health and social care management
 Medication reviews X XX    X 
 Coordination activities within care teams X XXX   X 
 Case management during care transitions  X XXX  X 
 Training on specific aspects of safety  XXXXXX XX
  1. Abbreviations: ABLE Advancing Better Living for Elders, CAPABLE Community Aging in Place—Advancing Better Living for Elders, FIT Functioning in Transition
  2. Note: empty cells indicate that this type of activity was not reported in the identified literature as being part of the integrated care program