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Table 3 Change from baseline to EoT in MoCA test total score (SAF)

From: Effect of mirabegron on cognitive function in elderly patients with overactive bladder: MoCA results from a phase 4 randomized, placebo-controlled study (PILLAR)

 PlaceboMirabegron Total
Baseline, mean (SE)a26.8 (0.1)26.9 (0.1)
EoT, mean (SE)b27.0 (0.1)26.9 (0.1)
Adjusted change from baseline, mean (SE)−0.1 (0.1)−0.2 (0.1)
95% two-sided CI(−0.4, 0.2)(−0.4, 0.1)
p-value 0.471
  1. CI confidence interval, EoT end of treatment, MoCA Montreal Cognitive Assessment, SAF safety analysis set, SE standard error
  2. aN = 440 for placebo and 443 for mirabegron total
  3. bN = 413 for placebo and 427 for mirabegron total