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Table 2 Inter-correlations among Key Study Variables at Baseline

From: Memory complaints and depressive symptoms over time: a construct-level replication analysis

M (SD)
1. Age (cat.)−.075**−.158**.055**.087**.099**
2. Education (cat.)−.097**.375**−.122**−.006−.149**
3. Income (cat.)−.119**.211**−.062**−.009−.173**
4. Memory Self-Rating.062**−.126**−.110**.345**.176**2.947 (0.983)
5. Perceived Memory Decline (cat.).018−.007−.042*.276**.161**
6. Depressive Symptoms−.014−.117**−.084**.232**.159**1.405 (1.878)
M (SD)
2.455 (0.910)2.760 (1.212) 
  1. Note. NHATs coefficients are shown below the diagonal; HRS coefficients are shown above the diagonal; means and standard deviations only shown for continuous variables. Cat. = categorical variable. Kendall Tau coefficients used for associations with categorical variables, Pearson used for continuous outcomes **p ≤ .001, *p ≤ .01