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Table 1 Specifications of studies entered the study

From: The prevalence of severe depression in Iranian older adult: a meta-analysis and meta-regression

RowAuthorPublication yearpublishedAreaParticipants’ AgeSample sizePrevalence
1Sadeghi et al. [13]2002In PersianTehran65–8527914.7
2Rajabizadeh et al. [14]2003In PersianKerman≥5012120.3
3Khodadadi et al. [15]2007In PersianGuilan64.6 ± 5.0510011
4Sohrabi et al. [16]2008In PersianShahroud76.5 ± 11.113643.5
5Manzori et al. [17]2009In PersianIsfahan60–7424823
6Nejati et al. [18]2009In PersianQom68.2 ± 7.715146.3
7Mobasheri et al. [19]2009In PersianShahr-e-kord68.7 ± 16.1613.5
8Kashfi et al. [20]2010In PersianShiraz≥601209.1
9Gharanjik et al. [21]2011In PersianTorkaman3003
10Ghaderi et al. [22]2012In PersianBukan60–903027
11Miri et al. [23]2015In PersianBirjand63.6 ± 3.73893.3
12Khalili et al. [24]2015In PersianKashan72.07 ± 9.035005.8
13Ashrafi et al. [25]2017In PersianSalmas69.9 ± 6.81506.3