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Table 3 Unadjusted and Adjusted regression and Time-to-Event analyses results between groups

From: Augmented exercise in hospital improves physical performance and reduces negative post hospitalization events: a randomized controlled trial

LOS (bed nights)9497095880199HR1.09 (0.77–1.56)0.61251.3 (0.9–1.87)0.16
Steps median [IQR]23597 [346–846]25889 [575–1088]48β262.1 (−80–604)0.148316 (−25–656)0.07
SPPB Score Discharge m (±SD)893.7 (±2.1)864.6 (±2.5)178β0.88 (0.20–1.57)0.011740.78 (0.28–1.29)0.003
SPPB Score Follow-up m (±SD)524.7 (±2.53)725.12 (±2.38)123β0.45 (−0.43–1.33)0.31220.67 (−0.74–0.87)0.87
VAS SR Health Discharge m (±SD)8962.4(±21.31)8667.7 (±18.38)178β5.3 (−0.6–1.11)0.071725.10 (− 0.78–10.98)0.9
VAS SR Health Follow-up m (±SD)6858.5 (±21.6)7765.2 (±21.2)145β6.75 (0.3–13.8)0.051430.26 (0.09–0.47)0.004
READMISSION Follow-up9416 (17%)9530 (32%)176β2.2 (1.1–4.3)0.031722.9 (1.18–5.2)0.01
FALLS Follow-up6818 (26%)7712 (16%)189OR0.6 (0.26–1.36)0.21840.57 (0.24–1.38)0.2
DEATH Follow-up9412 (19%)955 (5%)189OR0. 40 (0.13–1.16)0.081840.38 (0.11–1.14)0.08
IND Follow-up6844 (65%)7758 (75%)167OR1.68 (1. – 3.3)0.041651.85 (0.82–3.6)0.05
NEGATIVE EVENTS Follow-up9438 (40%)9518 (19%)189OR0.46 (0.23–0.92)0.031840.43 (0.2–0.92)0.03
  1. LOS and Steps multivariate models adjusted for age and frailty only
  2. All other multivariable models adjusted for age, gender, frailty, fear of falling, physical performance on admission and the baseline score
  3. Abbreviations and possible score ranges: LOS: length of stay (nights); Steps: average daily step-count; SPPB Score: Short Physical Performance Battery [a higher score reflects a better physical performance, range 0–12]; IND: ability to walk independently on level surfaces; VAS SR Health (EQ 5D5L): Visual Analogue Scale EuroQol 5-Domain 5-Level, [range 1–100]; READMISSION: medical readmissions