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Table 4 Learners’ perspectives on how the program has influenced their behavior through change in their practice, influencing others and their intention to further up-skill. 2015–2016, N = 520

From: Translating facilitated multimodal online learning into effective person-centred practice for the person living with dementia among health care staff in Australia: an observational study

Have you changed:  
 An aspect of your own personal professional practice?49295
 A practice or routine on your “unit” or in your workplace?28554
 A procedure, technique or other intervention?24948
 Your beliefs or thinking about a particular approach or procedure?44285
Have you informed or educated:
 A resident, patient or carer40077
 Another member if staff39977
 A member of the public?18335
Types of education to staff
 Face to face36570
Types of education to the public
 Face to face16031
Have you supported/assisted another staff member to make a change to their own practice?33865
Have you encouraged or supported a patient /client / resident / carer / member of the public to make a change in the way they understand dementia?40578
Have you created a new policy or guideline to support a new practice or procedure around dementia or delirium?428
Recommend course to others519100
Intend to take:
 Further courses within dementia training network45988
 Further studies in the specialty of dementia38474
 Clinical care competencies19938
Are you planning to develop a Clinical Practice Improvement Project?32863