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Table 2 Learners’ perspectives on network characteristics, 2013–2016, N = 1455

From: Translating facilitated multimodal online learning into effective person-centred practice for the person living with dementia among health care staff in Australia: an observational study

Domain: applicability%Domain: attractiveness%Domain: functionality%Domain: learner interaction%Domain: implementation into practice%
To what extent was the course manual, videos and resources useful to you? Did you find creating a Gravatar: If you used the help- desk did you find it Did you feel the forums generated useful discussion? Extent work will support implementing new knowledge and skills 
 Extremely33Extremely easy3Extremely useful11Yes62Great extent46
 Very47Very easy21Very useful18Sometimes34Some extent46
 Moderately15Moderately easy37Moderately useful4No4Little extent6
 Slightly3Slightly easy10Slightly useful1  No extent1
 Not at all2Not at all easy16Not at all useful1    
 Not applicable1Did not use13Not applicable65    
Did you find the content: How visually appealing was the website Helpdesk solution provided in timely manner? Were the chats accessible? Extent learner committed to implementing new practices?a 
 Extremely easy8Extremely20Problem solved timely22Yes75Great extent77
 Very easy28Very58Problem solved > 24 h7Sometimes22Some extent22
 Moderately easy54Moderately20Problem not solved1No4Little extent1
 Slightly easy9Slightly2Not applicable71  No extent0
 Not at all easy2Not at all0      
To what extent did you already know the information presented?   Did you find navigating he website Did you feel supported by your facilitator?a   
 Great extent11  Extremely easy15Extremely supported39  
 Some extent73  Very easy44Very supported46  
 Little extent15  Moderately easy32Moderately supported12  
 No extent1  Slightly easy7Slightly supported3  
Not at all easy2Not at all supported1  
To what extent were you able to understand the information?   Did you find joining the website:     
 Great extent87  Extremely easy12    
 Some extent13  Very easy39    
 Little extent0  Moderately easy37    
 No extent0  Slightly easy8    
Not at all easy5    
  1. a Data only available for 2013 and 2014, N = 935, including a mix of 19 open and closed questions. 2015–2016 included a mix of 71 open and closed questions