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Table 5 Causes of DRPs identified in geriatric patients admitted from April to July to Medical and Surgical wards of JUMC, Ethiopia, 2017

From: Drug related problems in admitted geriatric patients: the impact of clinical pharmacist interventions

Cause domain (8 categories) total = 466n (%)
C1: Drug selection causes252 (54.1)
New indication for drug treatment91 (36.1)
No indication for drug52 (20.6)
Inappropriate drug according to guidelines42 (16.7)
Contra-indicated30 (11.9)
Inappropriate duplication of therapeutic20 (7.9)
Inappropriate combination of drugs, or drugs and food17 (6.8)
C2: Drug form causes16 (3.4)
In appropriate drug form16 (100)
C3: dose selection causes68 (14.6)
Drug dose too high46 (67.6)
Drug dose too low22 (32.4)
C4: treatment duration causes24 (5.2)
Duration of treatment too long22 (91.7)
Duration of treatment too short2 (8.3)
C5: dispensing causes20 (4.3)
Prescribed drug not available18 (90)
Prescribing error (necessary information missing)2 (10)
C6: drug use process causes57 (12.2)
Drug not administered at all40 (70.2)
Drug under administered11 (19.3)
Drug over administered at all6 (10.5)
C7: patient related causes22 (4.7)
Patient uses unnecessary drug7 (31.8)
Patient administered/uses drug in a wrong way5 (22.7)
Patient cannot afford drug5 (22.7)
Patient unable to use drug/form as directed5 (22.7)
C8: other causes7 (1.5)
No or inappropriate outcome monitoring7 (100)