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Table 1 Charges of public and private healthcare services (in Hong Kong Dollars)

From: Can voucher scheme enhance primary care provision for older adults: cross-sectional study in Hong Kong

  Public Private
Accident & Emergency $180 per visit
Inpatient (acute) $75 admission fee
$120 per day
$6650 per day (1st class)
$4430 per day (2nd class)
Inpatient (others) $100 per day $6120 per day (1st class)
$4080 per day (2nd class)
Inpatient medical attendance $680 - $2780 per specialty visit
Outpatient $50 per visit (general)
$135 for first visit, $80 for subsequent visit (specialist)
$790 - $2210 for first visit
$640 - $1990 for subsequent visit
Geriatric day hospital $60 per visit
  1. Note:
  2. 1 United States Dollar = 7.8 Hong Kong Dollars
  3. The charges were effective on 18 June 2017
  4. Starting from 1 Jun 2018, Higher Old Age Living Allowance recipients who aged 75 or above are waived for charges for public healthcare services
  5. Charges of public outpatient services include medication and consultation fee
  6. The figures were retrieved from website of Hospital Authority of Hong Kong: