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Table 5 Key Partnerships and Supportive Arrangements

From: Seniors’ campus continuums: local solutions for broad spectrum seniors care

Government Partners Community Partners Clinical Intervention Partners * Academic Partners**
• Municipal (housing, paramedics)
• Regional (Local Health Integration Network homecare)
• Provincial (Ministry of Health and Long-term Care, Public Health, Ministry of Housing and Municipal Affairs, Infrastructure Ontario)
• Federal (Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation)
• Community Care Agencies
• Hospitals
• Community Health Centres
• Primary care
• Alzheimer Society
• Community Living (serves people with developmental delays)
• Mental Health Agencies
• Pharmacies
• Faith Communities
• Local Businesses
• Community Programs (choirs)
• Shelters
• Audiology
• Chiropody
• Denture care
• Primary care
• Phlebotomy lab
• Physiotherapy
• Pharmacy Services
• Colleges
• Universities
• School Boards
  1. * Visiting clinics, contracted providers, adjacent health facilities or lease agreements
  2. ** Internships (e.g., PSW, RPN, RN, Recreation, Culinary), research opportunities and volunteer opportunities (e.g., high school/co-op)