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Table 2 Common Shared Recreation, Amenities, Events and Volunteer Opportunities

From: Seniors’ campus continuums: local solutions for broad spectrum seniors care

Recreation Opportunitiesa On-Site Amenitiesa Events and/or Volunteer Opportunitiesa
• Bingo
• Pub nights
• Art classes
• Choir
• Line dancing
• Religious services
• Off-site outings
• Woodworking
• Shuffle board
• Wellness centres – gym, therapy pools
• Health related clinics/labs
• Hair Salon
• General store/Tuck Shop
• Community gardens
• Library
• Restaurant/Bistro/Café
• Laundry
• Common spaces for planned and spontaneous activities
• Hospitality Suitesb
• BBQs
• Live entertainment
• Bazars
• Golf Tournaments
• Tuck Shop
• Friendly Visiting
• Family Councils
• Board Committees
  1. aOffered at many campuses
  2. b On campus hospitality suites are available in many campuses for a modest fee to accommodate out of town family and friends to increase access and affordability in the promotion of resident visitors. Campuses without hospitality suites noted informal arrangements could potentially be considered/were offered with local hotels to provide discounts to guests specifically visiting residents of the campus