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Table 1 SPIRIT recruitment schedule

From: A cohort study investigating the relationship between patient reported outcome measures and pre-operative frailty in patients with operable, non-palliative colorectal cancer

Preparation Enrolment Post-Surgery Phase Completion
 *Timepoint -t1 t0 t1 t2 t3 t4 tx
Preparation Phase
 REC Approval X       
 HRA Approval X       
 R&D Approval X       
 Site initiation visit X       
 Statistical plan write up X       
 Collection proforma X       
 Submit work to sites X       
Enrolment Phase
 Eligibility screening   X      
 Informed consent   X      
 Recruitment   X      
 Baseline variables   X      
Post-Surgery Phase
 Outcome variables    X X    
 Other data variables    X X    
Project Completion
 Data analysis        X
 Statistical write-up        X
 Close Study        X
 Dissemination of results        X
Other Milestones
 Patient Focus Groups      X X  
 Reports to NIAA      X   X
  1. *Timepoint = -t1= project preparation, t0 = baseline, t1 = 6 weeks, t2 = 12 weeks, t3 = 9–12 months, t4 = 17–20 months