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Table 3 List of variables measured during the adherence sub-study

From: Rationale and protocol of the StayFitLonger study: a multicentre trial to measure efficacy and adherence of a home-based computerised multidomain intervention in healthy older adults

Adherence sub-study variables Timepoints
Domain Variable T0 T1 T2
Adherence Dose variable: total time of training for each activity During training
Volume variable: number of times each activity is carried out
Frequency variable: number of training sessions of at least 30 min performed per month
User experience Ad-hoc questionnaire exploring the quality of the introductory course X   
AttrakDiff 2 scale   X X
Acceptability Ad-hoc questionnaire to obtain ratings on different components (enjoyment, appropriateness, safety, self-evaluation)   X X
Usability Ad-hoc questionnaire exploring the impact of unique features of the programme (virtual coach, social interactions, preference, gamification, educative content, self-management, usability)    X