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Table 1 Examples of long-term home service unit durations and fees

From: Association of household income with home-based rehabilitation and home help service utilization among long-term home care service users

  Duration of one unit Fees per unit (USD)a
Home-based rehabilitation services
 Home-visit rehabilitation from medical facilities or nursing homes 20 min 37.20
 Home-visit rehabilitation from visiting nurse agencies 20 min 38.54
 Day care services (for persons with care needs level 3) 6–8 h 118.29
Home help services
 Physical care 20–30 min 30.98
 Daily living support 20–45 min 23.17
  1. aExpenditures were converted to USD from JPY (US$1 = ¥82, March 31, 2012)
  2. LTC Long-term care.