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Table 6 Overview of distal determinants that were identified in the discussion of health and social care needs

From: Identifying and understanding the health and social care needs of Indigenous older adults with multiple chronic conditions and their caregivers: a scoping review

First Author and Year PublishedHistorical
(i.e. colonization, oppression, assimilation, interrupted access to land)
Contemporary Structures
(i.e. social, political, economic)
Aspin et al. (2012) [2]XX
Bell et al. (2015) [26]  
Browne et al. (2014) [27]XX
Davis (2010) [3]XX
Habjan et al. (2012) [9] X
Lowell et al. (2012) [28]XX
Schure et al. (2015) [6]  
Ward et al. (2011) [8]  
Waugh et al. (2011) [1]X