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Table 2 Variables in Final Binary Logistic Regression Equation Bacteremia Screening Toola

From: Development and validation of a screening tool for early identification of bloodstream infection in older patients – a retrospective case-control study

Independent VariableOR95% CICART Breakpoint for Association with Bacteremiab
Maximum Temperature (Tmax, oC)42.5755.358–338.322> 37.55
Neutrophils (PMN)1.9231.290–2.868> 7.95
Change in Level of Consciousness (LOC) (Yes)1.5710.238–10.3701
Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN)1.3591.115–1.657> 10.05
Glucose1.1670.714–1.906> 7.35
Alanine Aminotransferase (ALT)1.0050.992–1.019> 19.5
  1. aLn (odds of BSI) = −150.299 + 3.751(Tmax; oC) + 0.654(PMN; ×109/L) + 0.452(∆ LOC; Yes = 1,No = 0) + 0.307(BUN; mmol/L) + 0.154(glucose; mmol/L) + 0.038(albumin; g/L) + 0.005(ALT; U/L)
  2. bWhen all variables input and parent node is Tmax