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Table 1 Data collection time points

From: Promoting activity, Independence and stability in early dementia (PrAISED): a, multisite, randomised controlled, feasibility trial

Scale or measureBaseline6 months12 monthsCompleted by
Disability in dementia scale (DAD)X XCarer participant
Nottingham Extended Activities of Daily Living Scale (NEADL)X XPatient participant
DemographicsX  Carer participant
Past Medical HistoryX  Carer participant
MedicationsX  Carer participant
Falls risk factorsX  Carer participant
Standardised Mini Mental State Examination (sMMSE)X  Patient participant
Verbal fluencyX XPatient participant
Cambridge Neuropsychological Test Automated Battery (CANTAB) testsX XPatient participant
Blood pressure and pulseX XPatient participant
Berg Balance scaleX XPatient participant
Leg and hand strengthX XPatient participant
Timed up and go test and dual task timed up and go test.X XPatient participant
SHARE frailty instrumentX XPatient participant
International Physcial Activity Questionnaire (IPAQ)X XCarer participant
EQ-5D-3LX XPatient participant
Dementia Quality of Life Scale (Demqol)X XPatient participant
Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale (HADS)X XPatient participant
Falls Efficacy Scale – International (FES-I)X XPatient participant
Carer strain indexX XCarer participant
Steps (accelerometer)XXXPatient participant