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Table 4 Odds Ratios for Patient and System Factors Associated with Increased Odds of Falling Unassisted

From: Patient and system factors associated with unassisted and injurious falls in hospitals: an observational study

Patient or System FactorCrude Odds Ratio* (95% CI)Adjusted Odds Ratio (95% CI)
Age > 65 years1.89 (1.11–3.21)2.55 (1.30–5.03)
Cognitively Impaired§3.21 (1.95–5.28)3.70 (2.06–6.63)
Gait Belt NOT Identified as an Interventionǁ5.35 (3.15–9.08)6.97 (3.75–12.94)
  1. CI, Confidence Interval.
  2. *Calculated using univariate logistic regression with all falls considered independent events
  3. Calculated using multivariate logistic regression and adjusted for the influence of other variables in the model
  4. Reference category = 19 to 64 years
  5. §Cognitively impaired includes the three contributing patient factors of “cognitive impairment,” “impulsive behavior,” or “overestimated ability.” Reference category = not cognitively impaired
  6. ǁGait Belt NOT Identified as an Intervention” means the hospital did not identify a gait belt as an intervention to prevent a reported fall (i.e. gait belt use was not in the nursing care plan). Reference category = Gait Belt was Identified as an Intervention to Prevent a Reported Fall