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Table 1 Patient Demographic Data*

From: Patient and system factors associated with unassisted and injurious falls in hospitals: an observational study

Age of fallers, median (range) in years77 (19 to ≥90)
Gender (% male)44.9
Bed Type (%)
Diagnostic Category (%)
  1. *Based on 316 unique patients
  2. Specific age was not collected on the reporting form for patients ≥90 years for patient confidentiality
  3. Diagnostic category was assigned by 2 members of the research team (DV and KJ) based on the diagnoses written on the reporting form by the hospitals. Diagnosis was missing for 24 patients, thus percentages are based on 292 patients with known diagnoses. The top five diagnostic categories are reported. Some patients had more than one diagnosis indicated on the reporting form and therefore contribute towards percentages in more than one category