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Table 2 Estimated Odds Ratios and 95% Confidence Intervals for “Prefrail” and “Frail” Categories Relative to Robust by Kogan and Implicit Association Test scores

From: Is there an association between ageist attitudes and frailty?

Measure (Scores)“Prefrail” relative to “Robust”*p value“Frail” relative to “Robust”*p value
Kogan Scores
Unadjusted.98 (.96–1.01).219.98 (.96–1.01).232
Adjusted.98 (.96–1.01).253.98 (.95–1.01).221
Implicit Association Test Scores*
Unadjusted.81 (.36–1.81).608.66 (.28–1.55).339
Adjusted1.25 (.51–3.06).619.97 (.37–2.53).950
  1. *Data available for 339 participants
  2. *Models adjusted for age, race, ethnicity, education, median household income and comorbidities. Data for the adjustment was missing in XX patients (Y for ethnicity)