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Table 6 Items which are assessed by the different oral health assessments

From: Measurement properties of oral health assessments for non-dental healthcare professionals in older people: a systematic review

1. Mucosa membraneXXXX XXX
 Color/RashXXXX XX 
 MoistnessX XX  X 
 Swelling/glazing/granulations/HyperplasiaX XX XX 
 BleedingX XX XX 
 Ulcers / Spots (under dentures)XXXX XXX
2. GumsXXXX  X 
 ColorX XX  X 
 Moistness  XX    
 Swelling/glazingX XX  X 
 BleedingX XX  X 
 FirmnessX     X 
 Inflammation X X    
 Ulceration/spots  XX  X 
 Loose teeth      X 
3. TeethXXX   X 
 Decay/Cariës/Broken teethXXX   X 
 Number of teeth  X   X 
 Tooth erosion/wear  X     
4. DenturesXXX   XX
 Broken partsX X   X 
 Does the individual wear the dentures XX   X 
 Fit of dentures/need for adhesive  X    X
 Label on dentures  X     
 Functionality       X
5. LipsX XX  X 
 ColorX XX  X 
 Surface structure/Candida infectionX XX  X 
 MoistnessX XX  X 
 UlcerationX XX  X 
 BleedingX XX  X 
 Swelling  X     
6. TongueX XX  XX
 ColorX XX  X 
 Surface structureX XX  X 
 MoistnessX XX  X 
 Ulceration/coatingX XX  XX
 SwellingX X     
 Bleeding   X    
7. SalivaX XX  XX
 Measured as friction/adherence of mouth mirror at buccal mucosaX       
 Amount/structure of saliva  XX  XX
 Involvement of tissues  X   XX
 Experience of individual  X     
8. Palate   X  X 
 Color   X  X 
 Surface structure   X  X 
 Moistness   X  X 
 Ulceration   X  X 
 Swelling      X 
 Inflammation/bleeding   X  X 
9. Floor of mouth   X  X 
 Color   X  X 
 Surface structure   X  X 
 Moistness   X  X 
 Ulceration/coating   X  X 
 Swelling      X 
 Inflammation/bleeding   X  X 
10. Oral hygine (debris and plaque)X XXXXXX
11. Referral to a dental professionalX X     
12. Smell  XX   X
13. Pairs in chewing position (amount)      XX
14. Pain (physical signs and verbal signs)  X     
15. Voice (deep, rasping or painful)X       
16. Ability to swallow (pain/inability to swallow)X       
17. Functionality (mouth opening, tong thrusting)       X
18. Lymph nodes (enlargement and tenderness)      X 
  1. a) The ROAG and THROAT assess the items “Teeth and Dentures”’, however, they actually look at plaque/debris and oral hygiene in this item. Therefore, we labeled these items as “Oral Hygiene”. b)The MDS and OHAT combine the items “Gums and Mucosa membrane” into one item. c) The OHAT does not have a separate item for smell. They included it in the item “Oral Hygiene”. d) The BOHSE combines the items “Mucosa Membrane”, “Floor of mouth” and “Palate” into one item.