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Table 3 Themes and Sub-Themes of Healthcare Providers’ Experiences

From: Healthcare providers’ experiences in supporting community-living older adults to manage multiple chronic conditions: a qualitative study

1. 1. 1. Managing the Complexity Associated with MCC• Optimizing medication use: “simplify their dosing regimens”
• Being proactive to promote health and prevent disease: “minimize the risk factors with lifestyle”
• Recognizing and addressing the interrelatedness of health and social conditions: “reducing the physical and social barriers”
2. 1. Implementing Person-Centred Care• Individualizing care: “[care] catered to their individual needs”
• Enhancing quality of life: “number one goal is to improve their quality of life”
3. 1. Supporting Caregivers• Educating caregivers to support older adults with MCC: “it’s about education”
• Providing support and services for caregivers: “linking caregivers to resources”
4. 1. Using a Team Approach for Holistic Care Delivery• Collaborating with multiple disciplines to provide holistic care: “interdisciplinary collaboration is helpful and essential”
• Encountering poor team communication: “information is not transferred in a timely fashion”
5. 1. Encountering Challenges and Rewards• Facing challenges in caring: “the complexity in itself is more time consuming”
• Reaping the rewards of caring: “seeing them stabilize or improve is always rewarding”
6. 1. 1. Recommending Ways to Address the Challenges of the Healthcare System• Improving care coordination: “a more streamlined healthcare system”
• Improving primary care: “longer more regular visits”
• Increasing home care supports: “they need more home care”